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Project Goals

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Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore needs public support to achieve its potential as a regional and national asset. The DNPA will assist the park in a variety of ways:

  • Apply for grants and private sector funding to support the park.
  • Receive and administer funding for which the NPS is not eligible.
  • Publicize and encourage public support for park goals.
  • Advocate and represent the park to elected officials.
  • Extend the message of the park to community organizations and civic group meetings.
  • Fund things the NPS cannot pay for due to federal regulations.
  • Make and sell park-related merchandise to increase awareness and generate income.
  • Host special events.
  • Secure equipment and services through donation or purchase.
  • Assist in renovating and developing park facilities.

The DNPA recognizes the many other organizations active in the park protection and land conservation in the region and sees itself as a partner and collaborator with these organizations.

The DNPA will not:

  • Purchase or own land for conservation.
  • Act as an environmental advocacy organization.
  • Act on the behalf of any park other than the national park.
  • Conduct public training, workshops, or seminars.


Current Projects

Written by Dunes National Park Assoc. on . Posted in Projects

The DNPA has identified three initial projects it will support for Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

1) Nature in My Neighborhood Backpacks 

complete button  Purchased 500 backpacks for children who participated in the new Nature in My Neighborhood program at the Paul Douglas Center for Environmental Education. This program was designed for children who live in Gary and nearby communities. Children participated in a “nature play” area at the Douglas Center and then received a backpack to take home that included such items as a compass, magnifying glass, a bug box, bird identification card, and other items to help children explore nature at home and recognize their role in maintaining clean water and clean air in their neighborhood.

2) Distance Learning System Equipment

Purchase equipment to create a Distance Learning Program in the park. This will include video cameras, microphones, and a laptop computer. With this equipment, students in classrooms will be able to connect to park employees and scientists in the field in a live-interactive experience via Skype. Students will be able to see field projects underway, ask questions of the field scientist, and learn more about the natural world. Through this program, students will engage in classroom experiments that complement the work in the park they are observing. With limited budgets for field trips, this project will give students a chance to be connected with the park while in the classroom.

3) Historic District Signs

Purchase and installation of signs designating the Century of Progress Historic Homes District within Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. These signs will create an attractive visual entrance to the recently restored houses in the East Unit of the national lakeshore. The remarkable work of four families and Indiana Landmarks who are restoring these properties for the National Park Service is coming to completion this year, and these signs will recognize this incredible achievement. These restorations are themselves an outstanding example of partnership with the National Park Service, and it is fitting for the Dunes National Park Association to help in this effort.